I commenced in 2013 an adventure into the world of food, wellbeing and happiness.

Just as a trial, I once attempted to live on foods different than those of my Italian heritage, of the stereotypical food lover that feeds on bread, pasta, chocolate, meat, fish, and lots of other things. During the day, I started eating more raw foods, vegetables, salads, fruits, and avoiding meat, cheese, fried foods, excess sugars and salt, removing all the stimulants such as coffee, smoke, and alcohol from my body.

In an incredibly short time and so naturally, my body changed dramatically. My weight rebalanced (I have lost 20 Kg in 2-3 months and my weight stabilised), my energies exponentially improved, I stopped being affected by regular colds and sicknesses, my mind cleared and I experienced numerous other benefits and improvements too many to mention in this brief space.

I since developed a strong interest in foods and about how foods work in the human body. I graduated in 2018 at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and started working with clients in the UK and Italy, also curating a blog and actively participating in the natural health community.

In 2021, I graduated in Herbal Medicine, empowering my understanding of the body from the Nutritional perspective, with the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Herbs.

Tommaso Perego


Tommaso Perego graduated in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, and Naturopathic Nutrition at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in 2018. He is a practitioner therapist in Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition, registered with The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council UK (CNHC), the British Association for Nutrition (BANT), the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP), and the General Naturopathic Council (GNC).

Alongside his work as practitioner, he is also a researcher and lecturer, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK) since 2014, with research interests such as Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Natural Medicine practices, Naturopathy, Morphology of the Iris, Iridology, and the links between Environmental and Food Policies, Ethics of Foods. and Sustainability. Most recently, he has been giving talks at the 6th BSA Conference on Foods Systems and Society (2019) presenting on the role of Raw Foods in Diet, Health and Sustainability, and at UMBRA Conference on Nutrition and Ethics (2018).

His research thesis for the 2021 BSc in Herbal Medicine was about the role of Minerals in Plants in acting therapeutically by modifying the solution of the human fluids.

Personal Statement

I choose this profession because...

I realised that in life you want a family, you want love, and you want safety and warmth. You want these things because they are life itself and they permeate you. My commitment, enthusiasm, consistency went misplaced until I have made change happen. Change gave me the chance to thrive, as it removed the ties that were holding me down.

I discovered the simplicity of food, and how matter in humans relates to spirit, in an ongoing vortex spiraling into the future. I have learned that in Health no other knowledge works except that of understanding the rhythm of life, the rhythms in the body, the changing of seasons and weather, the growth of plants, our relationship with animals, our relationships of love, friendship, and intellectual affinities.

I also realised how much is happening around me that confounds people, tragically affects some others and makes it so hard to reach a stronger, healthier, more humane society. What moves me to act is the reaction to the irrational, nonsensical blindness that leads to unacceptable pain and losses because of exploitation, separation, and isolation.

I will see myself at the end of my career fulfilled if I have taught my current and yet to come family how life is set and grounded on this planet, and provide them with the foundation for achieving powerful simplicity themselves when the time comes. There have been people pointing me to this road. It was gradual learning, listening to them, and finally, experiencing through my own life this voice of truth. I am profoundly grateful to them.

I would be finally satisfied if my efforts will have changed people for good as it happened to me, and have contrinbuted to make this organic, wonderful world of humanity healthier, happier, smarter, and infinitely powerful again, and as it should be.

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council Registered Practitioner

Registered Nutritionist with a Naturopathic approach

Naturopathic Practitioner and Iridologist