Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic approach is holistic, therefore I treat the person and not the symptoms to reach a deeper and more effective solution on the long term.

I have experience working with a wide series of ailments. People come to me to solve issues with their digestive system, weakness and fatigue, anxiety, pain, weight loss, dietary improvements, or for solutions to strenghten their immune system, as they look for a natural, non-invasive, and successful therapy.

I use traditional and well-established clinical methods for assessing people's health:

Naturopathic Questionnaire

In person Diagnostic (Observation, Blood Pressure Measurement, Auscultation, and Palpation)

Medical History

Food and Water Diary/Logs

Analysis of the Tongue

Analysis of the Iris

Energetics Assessment

The above diagnostics allow me:

- to understand the condition of your digestive system, to find the type of obstructions that are slowing down your vitality, including postural and lifestyle factors.

- to assess the status of your membranes and tissues, if inflamed, hyper or hypo-sensitive

- to establish your level of Hydration and circulation, including Pulse, Blood Pressure, and Cardiovascular tonicity

- to assess the Immune System, Endocrine, Nervous, and their connections to common stressors (e.g. stress, exhaustion, pollution)

After these assessments are made, I will advice on specific protocols, foods, and natural remedies that directly help the affected areas and health balance.

Cardiovascular Disease (Blood Pressure, Acidity, Inflammation, Toxicity), Diabetes, Digestive Difficulties (e.g. Constipation, Diarrhoea, IBS, Crohn's disease), Respiratory Conditions (Common Colds, Flu, more serious complications), Skin Problems and Reproductive System (Menoupause, Fertility, PMS, and Period Pain, and Male issues) are all issues I can help you with, also in support and alongside your ongoing therapies.

Remember my advice doesn't replace medical advice but helps you regain confidence in natural processes and therapies and safely and surely find your own way to health.

You can get a free initial report now. Register and gain access to complete the Nutri-Q Naturopathic Questionnaire (it takes about 25 minutes to complete).

I will follow up by sending you a report of the findings from your insights.

Registration is required for you to be sure we safely handle and protect your data.


This appointment lasts one hour, and can be done in person, over the phone, or as an online videocall/call.

For the price of £150, the consultation includes:

- an in-depth discussion about your health concerns and symptoms

- a detailed assessment of each body system (e.g. Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive)

- a series of diagnostics (if met in person (e.g. Iris, Complexion, Tongue, Blood Pressure)

- the analysis of your GP blood tests or the scheduling of new tests with the available partner Lab

- a thorough research of your presenting complaints

- a complete action plan, natural remedies, and therapeutic protocol

After the consultation, an analysis of the presented symptoms is provided and a plan formulated in the form of a document addressing the major points emerged from the consultation. The report and plan are therapeutic recommendations, that should be followed for the time specified. In general, they may include a dietary protocol to follow, a series of suggestions for adjustments to the diet, some herbal remedies to support, lifestyle recommendations, and further information to allow you to achieve the changes sought.

Follow-up session

It lasts 30 minutes and is priced £75. The aim of a follow-up session is exclusively to discuss the progress of the concerns and symptoms highlighted in the initial consultation.

If new symptoms have arisen they could be briefly discussed but the practitioner might need to request more time to investigate them fully with a new full consultation.

Therapeutic Packages

Ensuring the continuity of the healing process is the most important aspect of a natural therapeutic. Please familiarise yourselves with the concepts of Prevention. Continuity is also the most cost effective strategy

Choosing a package tailored to your need will ensure a smooth progression throughout the therapeutic plan, constant commitment, and flexible ongoing assessment and support. See the plans in offer below:

6 Week Plan

This package is best for people who want to do a significant action on their well being, correct  wrong habits, resolve ailments, and restore a new balance and healthy rhythm.

3 Months Plan

This is the most purchased package.

It is designed for people that need to solve long-term chronic ailments or resolving complex health situations that so far didn't get a solution.

6 Months Plan

This package is designed for people fully invested in their health, committed to go through a full-on healing process that would make significant changes in their lives.

Other services

Dietary Review Program

I offer a program of Dietary review, which consist of enrolling on the Clinic's online portal, and log for seven days the Food and Mood Journal, and the Lifestyle Journal. This is easily done through a fun and accurate interface, and puts you in direct communciation with me for the entire duration of the program. At the end, I will send to you a Dietary Profile with a series of recommendations and recipes suggestions.

The program can be requested on a n individual basis, it costs £75, please get in touch if you want to know more.

Workshop, Masterclasses, Webinars

I deliver different courses for different purposes. For example I deliver simple 2 weeks programs for getting to know dietary principles, or Webinars on specific health topics, of relevance to schools, groups of  interested individuals, communities, or clubs.

My significant experience in teaching in Higher Education (PGCert in Teaching and Learning for Higher Education, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy) and experience in teaching to schools and orientation courses has given me the ability to tailor courses for every need that produce an impact, a strong message, and they are interesting and enjoyable.

I have experience of consulting for health and wellbeing at a corporate level, and I offer stages for group of employees and small seminars. Please get in touch if you want to know more about the range of courses available.

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